12 March 2020

Working on our style

We updated our site with fresh colors! We hope you like it? But hold on and don't get to used to it.. we are a company consisting of a small group of women who constantly challenge and improve ourselves and our work! We are working with some of the best designers in the city, so expect more exciting changes soon!

Nicole van de Velde

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13 December 2019

Wageningen partnership

What is the leading university in terms of food technology in the world? Right. Wageningen! We are happy with their partnership. Together with some of their top students we are creating a delicious cacao juice, 100% natural and highly nutritious. Together with them we tasted 2 juices: both equally amazing!

Nicole van de Velde

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24 February 2020

Chocoa in Amsterdam

Chocoa is one of the largest cacao & chocolate events in the world and we were there! 150 people left their feedback and the average grade: an 9! Our mission to spread awareness about cacao juice is getting more momentum now that more and more people have tasted it.. Want to join us? #cacaojuicemovement

Marika van Santvoort


3 November 2019


We're lucky to travel around the world and meet with cacao farmers. The core of our work is in South America, like here in Peru where Marika is cracking jokes with a farmer. Working alongside them is a true gift and we are happy to have the chance to make an impact in their lives. The more juice we will sell, the more we can do!

Nicole van de Velde

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5 January 2020

Trends 2020: cacao juice

1. More chocolate is made in cacao origin countries. Yeay!

2. Beverages are upcoming! Like our cacao juice.

3. Vegan chocolates are getting hot.

4. There is more to read, learn, and being shared than ever. We love that.

5. More bean to bar chocolate on the menu in restaurants please.


Read the full article of Lauren Heineck here.

Marika van Santvoort

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12 October 2019

Cacao pulp. Yum!

Have you ever seen what is inside of a cacao pod? This! Cacao beans with a white layer of pulp. For chocolate makers: the beans are what matters. For us, the pulp is the gold! We use it to press our delicious cacao juice.

Marika van Santvoort

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