About the juice

Recharge and replenish

Our mission is to re-invent the value of cacao as a source of wealth for people, business & nature - going beyond chocolate.


We make our juice from cacao pulp: a white thin layer surrounding the beans. We source in South America and handle the beans with great care. We press the pulp into a juice and cold press it so that all the good vitamins and nutrients are staying inside.


This juice is perfect for health conscious people who like to take good care of their mind, body and soul. It's rich in proteins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and polyphenols. Rehydrate, replenish and refuel your body for optimal performance. 

Are you a wholesaler or retailer, and you want to be amongst the first to put this juice on the shelves? Reach out to us and we can inform you further. It is now possible to make your pre-order for the first exclusive batch of Freebird cacao juice!

Re-shaping the cacao industry

For 500 years we have been focussing on cacao beans for making chocolate. But guess what? The beans are only 20% of the weight of the pods! The pulp and the peel are not being used. The pulp just drips out and into the soil. What a waste! 


By paying for a product (pulp) which is now not being paid for, farmers can earn an extra income on top of their beans. This helps them to become more financially stable. 


We are looking at the cacao sector from a broader perspective. To us sustainability means: bringing innovation, new techniques and a fresh mind to the industry to explore how we can do things different. Better! And how we can bring more value to the cacao fruit - beyond making chocolate.

The fruit behind the chocolate

About us

Sustainability is in our DNA

Our founder, Marika van Santvoort, spend her entire career working on sustainability projects in the cacao & chocolate sector. Working side-by-side with farmers, exporters, governments, chocolate manufacturers and traders she aims to improve the cacao value chain. Marika is also a speaker on events, writer and runs another company - Gaia Cacao - where she supports farmers with premium cacao to improve their chances on the European market. 


Our team is slowly growing and we are grateful for the incredible support of marketeers, sustainability experts, research institutions and financial advisors that we are getting. Together we look forward to bring this juice on the shelves in the Netherlands as soon as possible, but definitely in 2020. Stay tuned!

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